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Xeomin® is an FDA-approved injectable that isolates and relaxes the muscles that cause forehead wrinkles and frown lines using a highly purified neurotoxin. Xeomin® prevents the production of substances that generate repeated muscle spasms that cause wrinkles, whereas Botox® interrupts nerve signals between the brain and muscles at the injection site (like squinting, frowning, brow-furrowing, etc.).  The outcome is a smoother, younger, and softer-looking forehead that can help you look years younger!  Benefits include:

  • Smoothes wrinkles between the brows, around the eyes, in the forehead, and around the mouth.
  • Blocks the nerve’s signal to the muscles, causing the muscles to relax and preventing wrinkles.
  • Short treatment times, quick recovery times, and immediate outcomes
  • Due to the lack of added fillers, it is less prone to induce allergic responses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Xeomin® (incobotulinumtoxinA) is a prescription drug that is injected into muscles to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows (glabellar lines) in adults. Botulinum toxin type A, a protein isolated from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, is found in Xeomin®.

The muscles between your brows tense when you squint or frown, causing the skin to furrow and fold. These repeated contractions might develop chronic frown lines as your skin ages and loses some of its flexibility. Botulinum toxin type A, the active ingredient in Xeomin®, prevents muscle fibers from contracting by acting on nerve endings in the muscles. Xeomin® can temporarily diminish the wrinkles between your brows by minimizing these contractions.

In two randomized, double-blind, multicenter, placebo-controlled clinical trials including 547 healthy adult patients, Xeomin® was found to be beneficial. The patients in the study were 46 years old on average. Patients were given 20 units of Xeomin® and were considered responders if they improved by two grades on a four-point scale, as determined by the physician and the patient. Treatment success was higher with Xeomin® than placebo on Day 30 in both studies using these criteria (60 percent and 48 percent vs. 0 percent for placebo in both studies). In 2011, the FDA approved Xeomin® for use in glabellar lines based on these studies.

Xeomin® may be ideal for you if you’re an adult with moderate to severe glabellar lines. Consult your doctor about the advantages and disadvantages of treatment. If you are allergic to botulinum toxin or any of the other chemicals in Xeomin®, do not use it. If you’ve had an allergic reaction to any other botulinum toxin product, or if you have a skin infection around the injection site, you shouldn’t use Xeomin®.

You should notify your doctor or nurse about all of your medical problems before undergoing Xeomin® treatment, including whether you have a disease that affects your muscles and nerves, have allergies to any botulinum toxin product, or have ever had an adverse effect from any botulinum toxin. Furthermore, inform your doctor about your medical history and all medications you are taking, including prescription and nonprescription medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Tell your nurse whether you’ve had any other botulinum toxin treatment in the last four months or previously. Ascertain that your nurse is aware of which products you received and when you received them.

Your nurse will inject Xeomin® into the muscles in your forehead that generate frown lines between your brows during treatment, which normally takes 10-20 minutes. There is no need for anesthesia, however your nurse may apply a topical anesthetic or a cold pack to alleviate any discomfort.

As early as 3-4 days following injection, you may notice obvious smoothness. The average time it took for an effect to appear was less than a week. At 30 days, the impact was at its peak. In clinical trials, the impact lasted up to 3 months on average, but it could continue much longer or shorter in individual patients.

Individuals considering an in-office treatment for moderate to severe frown lines often worry about looking plastic or overdone. Speak with a healthcare expert who is licensed and trained. You can take actions to make yourself feel more at ease. First, have a thorough conversation with your service provider. You want to talk about all of your concerns until you’re at ease. Your provider can decide the best solutions for you based on his or her knowledge of facial anatomy. For example, neurotoxic injections, a type of prescription medicine that has been found to be beneficial in numerous studies, are the most commonly utilized technique for moderate to severe frown lines. Finally, request a product that has been approved by the FDA, such as Xeomin®. Individual outcomes may differ.

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