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Acne is a common skin condition that impacts individuals of all ages.  Although acne is most common in adolescents, it can also affect adults, especially women going through hormonal changes. The key to treating acne is finding the right solution for your unique skin type. Not everyone responds to the same type of treatment, which is what makes acne difficult to address. At Beautopia, we take a comprehensive approach to treating your acne within 3-5 months by diagnosing the type of acne you have, customizing proper home care products, acne treatments and lifestyle/diet coaching.

Acne Scarring

Acne can be a devastating disorder – not only is it frustrating to have active acne in the form of spots, redness and pustules, these lesions can leave their mark in the form of scars and dark spots.

Icepick: Looks like an ice pick has been pressed into the skin. It is generally small in diameter, but can be shallow or deep. These can often be treated with a series of chemical peels, microneedling or the Microneedling with PRP . 4-6 treatments are needed for best results.

Box: Looks somewhat like a chicken pox scar with more rounded edges. It can be small or large in diameter and is fairly deep, though not usually as deep as icepick scars. These can often be treated with a series of chemical peels, microneedling or the Microneedling with PRP. 4-6 treatments are needed for best results.

Rolling: Looks like a smooth indentation in the skin. These scars can be deep or shallow, but are generally more shallow. Since this type of scarring is very deep combination treatments are recommended for best results. Microneedling and the Microneedling with PRP facial can help with the appearance but would need 6 treatments. You will need to contact your dermatologist or plastic surgeon for additional treatments such as laser resurfacing, fillers, and or scar excision AKA punch excision.

Hypertrophic: Otherwise known as keloids which are the excess growth of scar tissue at the site of a healed skin injury. These types of scars usually take a more aggressive medical modality to see results.

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