Tips for protecting your permanent makeup/Microblading this summer

Summer Skin Care Tips in Houston

Tips for protecting your permanent makeup/Microblading this summer

The importance of using a sunscreen containing zinc oxide to protect your permanent makeup or microblading

It is so important that you protect your Permanent makeup or Microblading treatment (especially brows) from UVA or UVB. The harmful rays of the sun can dramatically fade the implanted pigment. Not only can it fade your permanent makeup, but it can change the color of your pigment over time.

The reason this color change occurs, is due to the fact that our chosen color of pigment, for example brown, is made up of a combination of colors, i.e. red, blue, green, yellow, white, black. Whereas yellow and green are the weakest colors, leaving the skin first, red and blue are the strongest, therefore are the last colors to leave your skin. For this reason, overtime, you could experience brows turning a ‘pinky’ or ‘orangey’ shade with inadequate aftercare.

It can be known that just one hour of sun exposure can have a huge effect on your treatment, and this can be accelerated even more when teamed up with a hormonal imbalance

In Summary

Titanium Dioxide or zinc oxide, are the only ingredients found in sunscreens that act as a mirror on the surface of the skin, blocking UVB and most of UVA radiation from entering your skin. Therefore, I will only recommend that you use a sunscreen containing zinc oxide for maximum protection. This should become part of your daily beauty routine, so a facial moisturizer containing SPF 30 or above and zinc oxide would be ideal to fit conveniently into your routine. However, a dedicated ‘tattoo stick’ can be used daily as a cheaper alternative.

You can do some research on your existing face creams to see if they contain this vital ingredient, or amazon is a great resource for finding these products, if you type in SPF containing zinc oxide, or tattoo stick, it will come up with lots of options. We also have a few different sunscreen options in our clinic for your convenience.

-Ashley Pomerville