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DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK Enzyme Therapy in Central Houston

DMK is an amazing treatment to reset and strengthen the skin to its peak condition.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are effective in exfoliating the surface of the skin and encouraging fresh, new cells to develop.

Dermalinfusion SilkPeel

Combines exfoliation, extractions, & infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health & appearance.

Progress 👏🏼 Pics

Check out that GLOW and CONFIDENCE 🤩
My lovely client went from OTC products to Medical Grade + Monthly Facials 🥳

2021 mantra is less filters and more facials 🙌🏼

For more info + scheduling 👇
(Or click the link in bio)
📲 832-306-4090

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Large pores?! We’ve got the solution💥


💰 $350 | $550 Microneedling with PRP
⏰ 3-5 days of downtime
📅 3-5 treatments every 4 weeks for best results

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🎶 The Cranberries Song: Dreams

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All CLEAN 👉🏼💥👈🏼

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Talk about a range of emotions this week for Houston! No electricity, no water and no cellular service!? It was a humbling experience so say the least. I will forever be grateful for the things that feel so minuscule. Today I feel like a million 💵 washed my hair, applied my DMK enzyme mask last night and even put a lil makeup on 💁🏻‍♀️
I will never take a hot shower for granted..
Who else feels grateful that our water and power has been restored?! 😅

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Day 4 of the @theperfectdermapeel 🐍

Benefits 👇
•Reduces Hyperpigmentation
•Reduces fine lines
•Brightens skin tone
•Reduces Pore size appearance
•Anti-Aging benefits
•Preventative + Corrective

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Seriously obsessed with my ultrasonic from @biotherapeutic 💛

This device works by creating high speed oscillations, leaving the skin smooth, clean and congestion free 🧚‍♂️

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DMK Enzyme Therapy 🍩

🌱Normal facials work topically versus DMK which works within the internal functions and structures of the skin

🌱 DMK enzyme treatments generate a “plasmatic affect” by dilating the peripheral capillaries, bringing about improved oxygen uptake from inside the body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Oxygen is critical for the production of ATP in the mitochondria. Without it, the mitochondria malfunctions and the cells die

✅Great for Rosacea
✅Lipid dry/dehydrated skin

(Pretty much for all skin types and conditions 😜)

OUR job is to 👇
Remove & Rebuild

YOUR job is to 👇
Protect & Maintain

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Wow what a year 2020 has been.. from expanding my business, hiring my first employee @estie_alli ❤️ and trying to survive in the midst of a pandemic. I’m so grateful for the continued love and support from my amazing clients! You guys are the real MVP. Here’s a compilation of some of my favorite progress pics in 2020 🤩

I hope you’re ready for 2021, we have some new and exciting services we’ll be rolling out 🥳
Love y’all, see you in the New Year! Cheers 🥂
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Song by 🎵 Ariana Grande - Thank you, next.

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This isn’t your DIY turmeric mask, this professional peel works by suppressing the melanin in the dermal layer vs. a traditional chemical peel which focuses on removal from the epidermis. ⠀

The mask stays on for 10-12 hours and is washed off by the client followed by your post care regimen that’s provided. ⠀

The Enlighten can be applied in our clinic or in the comfort of your own home under the virtual guidance of us 📲⠀

For more info:⠀
Email 📧 ⠀
Call 📞 832-306-4090 ⠀
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Seriously my FAV part of being an Esti is extraction time 😝 ⠀

‼️Be sure to seek out a professional for manual extractions as you can risk the chance of scarring and more inflammation‼️

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One of the most important things we can do is taking time to reflect. Without it we’re bound to get stuck in a rut, lose perspective on what matters most, and miss out on remarkable opportunities to grow and evolve 📈

Despite the circumstances 2020 presented, I wanted to share my reflections on what I’m most thankful for this year.

•YOU (our clients) without y’all’s trust and continued support, Beautopia would be nonexistent 🥺

• @estie_alli (not only is she my first employee but she’s a MFN rock 🌟 and I’m so thankful to have her on my team)

•My husband, family and friends ❤️

•Being able to continue to operate a business in the midst of a pandemic 😷

•The lessons I’ve learned along the way in 2020 😅

What are you thankful for?

🍁HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the Victoria’s ❤️ xo

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🔴 Got PIE?! 🔴

BBL @sciton_inc is one of my FAV treatments to treat post inflammatory erythema.

💡 BBL (broad band light) uses light energy to target a certain color in your skin. When the skin is heated, your body gets rid of the unwanted cells (erythema or pigment) in the skin. Unlike lasers, BBL’s device sends out more than one wavelength of pulsating light making this treatment non invasive.

📲 Link in bio to learn more and schedule

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🧚🏼TCA Cross🧚🏼

This procedure involves depositing small amounts of TCA at a high concentration onto the surface of the atrophic scar. This causes a local inflammatory reaction leading to the formation of new collagen. The goal is to improve the appearance of the scar by increasing collagen and reducing shadows cast over scar depressions.

We typically utilize TCA prior to Microneedling for those with ice pick scarring 🧚🏼

*Redness is from the topical lidocaine

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