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DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK Enzyme Therapy in Central Houston

DMK is an amazing treatment to reset and strengthen the skin to its peak condition.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are effective in exfoliating the surface of the skin and encouraging fresh, new cells to develop.

Dermalinfusion SilkPeel

Combines exfoliation, extractions, & infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health & appearance.

These tools make extractions seamless + virtually painless for the client!

Happy popping 👉💥👈

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Simple & FREE tips to improve your ACNE - Lifestyle edition

1) Toss your fabric softener, dryer sheets and switch to fragrance free detergent! 🫧

2) Cut out dairy products where you can, there are TONS of dairy free alternatives 🥛

3) Biotin can lead to breakouts in the way your body absorbs it and other vitamins. It’s not so much that biotin causes acne 💊

It’s that it prevents your body from absorbing other nutrients that normally help counteract the effects of acne.

4) Stress: These hormones increase your skin’s oil production, which can exacerbate acne.

Stress, anxiety, and fear might also worsen acne by triggering the production of cytokines, tiny proteins that stoke inflammation, including inflammation of the area around sebaceous glands, the glands that produce oil.

5) Birth Control- If you’re taking BC, talk to your OBGYN about selecting a BC that is higher in estrogen and lower in androgen potency 💊

If you just got off birth control, you might notice more breakouts. Give your hormones about 90 days to balance!

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Keep your regimen simple yet effective👇

1) Make sure you’re using pharmaceutical grade products 🔑
2) Always apply an antioxidant + sunscreen in the morning ☀️
3) Try to stick with the same regimen for at least 90 days 📅

Here’s what I use:
-IS Clinical cleansing complex
-DMK BetaGel
-Illuminating vit c (ran out so not in video 🫠)
-Illuminating eye cream
-IS Clinical Hydracool serum
-Elta MD Glow spf

Questions or comments?! 👇🫶

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SkinPen Microneedling 🧚🏼‍♂️


•Large pores
•Acne scarring
•Fine lines/wrinkles

🤕 downtime: 3-4 days of redness (similar to a sunburn)
🗓 3-5 treatments (once a month)

I’ve personally had 8+ treatments over the years for my acne scars, texture and large pores. It’s my go to for collagen remodeling 🤩

Have you had @theskinpen?! What was your experience? 👇

Side note: Why is Kyrstin’s voice so soothing 😴
🎥 BTS with @bryanandersonphoto

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How does TCA Cross work for ice pick scars?👇

TCA Cross treats the depression, or area of scarring itself, and not the surrounding skin. The acid is directly deposited with the edge of a syringe or a toothpick/applicator, into the atrophic scar, leaving the entire skin surrounding the scar preserved.

This is a stand-alone treatment or combine with microneedling to enhance the results!

🗓 3-6 sessions required for best results
📲 Click the link in bio to schedule a consult to learn more

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✋ proven ways to prevent wrinkles:

It’s never too late to start implementing these steps, HOWEVER, prevention is key! 🤌

Start with the basics like sleeping on your back OR if you’re a side sleeper like me, invest in a beauty pillow (you’ll thank me later) 💤

If you’re expressive and talk with your forehead:
I’d recommend wearing Sio beauty patches at night to prevent expression lines. Botox would be the next step BUT if you’re not ready, try this option!

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If you’re struggling with acne, you’ve come to the right place 🧚🏼‍♂️

Acne can be debilitating - you do not have to go through the process ALONE. We will guide you and set you up for success! With our expertise + your patience/consistency, we can get you clear within 90 days!

Click the link in our bio to schedule + learn more about our acne program🌟

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Botox refresher with our nurse injector Morgan 💉

I’ve been a Tox user since age 22.. Prevention is key hunnay 💁🏻‍♀️

Areas I get injected with Botox👇
•Crows Feet
•Lip flip

Have you had Botox?! Do you love it just as much as we do?! 👇

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Based on a true story 💀 😂

Listen, the DMK enzyme is not a pretty sight when you’re masking and trying to talk.. tuh! Fuh get about it 🤌🏼

Ohhh the things we do for glowing skin 😵‍💫

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This was hard to think about as I have 1,000’s of thoughts that pop into my head when I’m treating a client 🙃

For my fellow estis: I wanna know what you think about when you’re treating a client?! 👇😅

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Meet the team 🫶

Sharon AKA princesa 👸🏻 has been a licensed aesthetician since 2021 and a certified acne specialist.

She’s a native Houstonian and enjoys learning as much as she can about skin. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband + animals 🐱🐶

Her FAV treatment to perform and receive is Dermaplaning because of the instant gratification 🤩

Morgan is a board certified registered nurse and nurse injector since 2017. Her goal is to help people find their beauty within while enhancing their natural beauty and reaching their aesthetic goals.

She graduated from Baylor College 🐻
In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her husband, her 2 pups Kirby Lane and Tilly Lace AND preparing for the newest member of her family 👶🏻

Kyrstin is a licensed aesthetician and acne specialists. She graduated from Aveda Institute in 2009. Kyrstin is currently working on obtaining her RN degree to be able to add even more expertise to her role as a medical aesthetician.

When she isn’t at work, she’s probably chasing her kid around or catching a show at a local music venue 🥁

Ashley is a licensed aesthetician and owner of Beautopia Skin Studio. She graduated from Aveda Institute in 2012 and immediately had an interest in medical aesthetics. She specializes in acne and hyperpigmentation.

When she’s not running the business, you can find her hanging with her husband, brunching and snuggling with her pup Vikki Victoria ❤️

*Was this song not perfect for this video?! 😂

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Skincare for Acne 💥

🫧 Mandelic cleanser- multi-faceted gel cleanser that gently exfoliates and brightens the look of the skin. It contains chirally correct L-Mandelic Acid which helps smooth the skin and improve the appearance of dark spots. 

〽️Mandelic serum- an alpha hydroxy acid serum that contains the chirally correct versions of both L-Mandelic Acid and L-Lactic Acid. These key ingredients offer exfoliating properties and can help diminish the appearance of discoloration. 

🌿BetaGel- signature formula designed to address reactive, irritated, or traumatized skin. The formulation contains Beta-Glucan, a stimulator of the Langerhans cells which initiate the immune and reparative functions of the skin.

💧Hydrabalance- water-based hydrating gel that contains antioxidant properties and can help reduce the appearance of oily shine. 

💥Acne med- water-based gel containing 2.5% benzoyl peroxide that penetrates the pore where it fights acne-causing bacteria, helps unclog pores, and keeps them from clogging.

☀️Elta MD Clear Sunscreen- Oil-free EltaMD UV Clear helps calm and protect sensitive skin types prone to discoloration and breakouts associated to acne and rosacea.

💊EFA’s- supplements are a powerful group of essential fatty acids 3,6,7 and 9, derived from evening primrose and sea buckthorn oils. DMK efa+ is formulated to aid in the improvement of barrier function and transepidermal water loss. It is particularly useful for acne, inflamed or reactive skin, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and aging complexions.

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Here’s what they’re saying.. ✍️

Thank you to all of our loyal clients that have taken the time to write a review. We LOVE having the opportunity to educate you on your skin and making your faces even more beautiful!! 💓

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First off, I am soo grateful for where I’m at in life. I don’t give myself enough credit or take the time to reflect on my journey but here we go..

My younger self (15-21) didn’t know what the hell she wanted to do. My goal at the time, was simply just to make it out of high school which I barely did dropping out 6 months into my senior year (not my proudest moment) but here we are.

I was the proverbial couch surfer for several years and partied my ass off (whew not sure how I survived work the next day) 😅 School was always difficult for me so attending a university was NOT an option. I eventually found my purpose which was esthetics. I’ve always dealt with problematic skin as an adolescent so naturally I wanted to find a solution to clear my skin for good!

Fast forward ⏩ I started working for a plastic surgeon in Austin in 2012 and eventually moved to Houston in 2015. I’ve always been a rebel at heart so I knew working for an employer would not fulfill my purpose 💅🏼 I eventually rented a studio space on the weekend which I would grow my clientele and later evolve into Beautopia Skin Studio (shoutout to the hubs for helping me decide on the name). I now have 3 amazing women that are on my team and have helped me scale my business!! 💓

There’s some days where it feels like I’m living in a dream and don’t know what I’m doing or how I got here. I’ve realized that’s the affects of imposter syndrome; which 75% of women report having personably experienced, according to a study I read.

To all the entrepreneurs that took the leap of faith and left their 9-5 job.. I see you and I’m soo f*cking proud of you! We did it y’all🥂

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🧴PREPPING THE SKIN: We require 2-3 weeks of prepping prior to performing any of our chemical peels. Prepping consists of retinol 1% and hydroquinone 4% (or a form of tyrosinase inhibitor)

WHY WE PREP⁉️ Prevents complications such as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or scarring!

🔑 When scheduling an appointment for a chemical peel, it’s imperative that the aesthetician you choose has previous experience with treating all skin types/fitzpatricks!

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It’s important to have realistic expectations when you’re starting your skin care journey 🔑

Most of our clients can expect a change in their skin within 90 days IF you’re consistent with professional treatments + a proper skin care regimen.

Leave a comment below 👇

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✨Set the tone for the day by following these simple steps✨

Type “YES” if you agree!

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Unlike dry skin - dehydrated skin is caused from a lack of water, whereas dry skin is caused from lack of oil.

Dehydrated skin is a skin condition which means we can change the condition by incorporating products to help combat the lack of water.

Products recommendations: 👇

-Your favorite hyaluronic acid 💧
-Skin softening oil (steer clear of coconut oil as this is pore clogging)
-EFA’s (essential fatty acids) 💊

Question or Comment below ⬇️

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